The Polavoid began as just a concept. Many instant photographers, once they begin, quickly find themselves falling into a never ending “void,” where no amount of film will ever be enough, the variety of instant cameras they have will never be enough, and as a result, their bank accounts will never be big enough. Similar to drug  addiction (though of course much more healthy), artists using instant photography as their primary medium often find themselves in a perpetual state of living “in the instant,” and most other interests, for many, seem to fade away…

First, a group was started on Facebook, where these instant photographers could share their work, ideas and questions. It was founded half-jokingly also as a support group, so that those falling into the void wouldn’t feel alone.

Then a feature gallery was started on instagram, in an effort to promote instant photographers doing great work who deserved as much recognition and appreciation as possible. From the Instagram version of The Polavoid, artists have gone on to be featured on other accounts such as Analogue Vibes, Film and Friends, Impossible Project HQ as well as Impossible Project ID, Square Mag, Polaroid of the Day, and probably the most notable of all, on the official Polaroid account as well. Even though Polaroid no longer makes the film for the Polaroid cameras so loved by instant photographers, even they caught the infectious vibe from The Polavoid.

Now The Polavoid seeks to go more in depth with instant photographers, to get to know them, find out what it is that compels them to be artists in the first place, let alone what initially drove them to choose a relatively obscure medium in which to express themselves. In more of a magazine interview setting, this is the new Polavoid. We hope you enjoy learning more about instant photography, the artists both little known and famous alike; perhaps together we can figure out what this madness is about, how it started, and if there will ever be an end to it, as Polaroid closed its instant doors, we try to #savepackfilm, and a company called The Impossible Project attempts to keep their name a contradiction in terms.



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