Wilfried Haillot

The Polavoid picks this photo by Wilfried Haillot for photo of the week.


Photo by Wilfried Haillot
“With Fred” by Wilfried Haillot

You can view more of his work in his Instagram gallery here.

Amandine Besacier

The French photographer who makes occasional trips to Los Angeles and weaves dreamscapes with her lens is The Polavoid’s pick for photo of the week.

Photo of the week by Amandine Besacier
Photo of the week by Amandine Besacier

This photo of the week was created by the wonderful Paris based photographer Amandine Besacier. The model in the photo is none other than the stunning Sugar Pepper Jones, and was captured in Los Angeles, CA. Amandine has a style that leaves you yearning for days gone by; both her surrealistic ​imagery and occasional perfect placement of her subjects in front of historical buildings with the most meaningfully classic signage (and don’t forget a Kaleidoscope effect thrown in for good measure from time to time), one can easily feel as if they are slipping into a dream-like state. Yes, absolutely, the sort of dream most of us don’t want to wake from; you guessed it! When I think of France, I envision the carousel of Montmartre, walking with a new love along the Seine; basically, there are millions of people named Amélie that live in Paris in my mind, and there is always hauntingly beautiful piano playing in the background. This is a fantasy version of a city I have made up in my mind, but my point is that the work of Amandine Besacier is right at home in this fantastical version of reality.

And since I have made an unreliable narrator of myself, I invite you to have a look for yourself at more of her work, in her Instagram gallery here.  I will wish you bon voyage, as jumping into a body of Amandine’s work will truly be a good a good trip, indeed.


Jérémy on Expired 8x10 Polaroid 809 by Silvano Magnone
Jérémy on Expired 8×10 Polaroid 809 by Silvano Magnone


Silvano Magnone has created some of the most powerful images I have ever seen, and done so on expired, instant film. I felt a little like I had been punched in the stomach (but in a good way!) the first time I saw one of his images, and the more I looked, the farther my jaw dropped. Sometimes it is difficult to decide on a photo of the week. Other times, I can’t wait until it has been a week so I can at last declare with as much authority as my suspended-from-school-in-Kindergarten-self can muster. So here I am; I have climbed to the top of the monkey bars and swung as high as I can on the swings so I can yell as loud as I can to the entire playground… Silvano Magnone is busy creating masterpieces, and this is one of them.

If you would like to see more (don’t make me clinb the monkey bars again to tell you you should!) of his masterful creations, you can visit his website, or visit his Instagram gallery. Go on now… I’ll stop yelling if you do!

Photo by Maija Karisma
“Waiting for the Sun” by Maija Karisma

This week was an incredible week for the instant photography world of art. The 12:12 Project especially had many brilliant pieces created by it’s members that I highly recommend checking out. But I was deeply touched, yet again, by one of Maija Karisma’s photographs, this one entitled “Waiting for the Sun.” This photo was shot with a Polaroid 250 camera, expired Polaroid 669 film and a little bit of magic. I have spent a significant portion of my life, at this point, just going through Maija’s archives in complete awe. In fact, I might as well add another photo, just to give you an idea that this was no lucky shot; this is impeccable skill and inspiration straight from the heavens.

Knock Knock #2 by Maija Karisma

See what I mean? Astounding. This photo was shot with a Graflex Speed Graphic and expired Polaroid 559 film. And a little bit – no, a lot, of magic.

You can see even more of Maija Karisma’s magic on photographic paper in his Flickr gallery. Be prepared to stay a while, though. His photography is like the mythological fairy ring that is hard to escape.

Photo by Alan Marcheselli

“Stranger Things” by Alan Marcheselli

I have been watching this series of Mr. Marcheselli’s for a while now, quite in awe, and honestly, quite thinking of a way I could steal his idea without anyone noticing… But it is much more satisfying to sit back and watch a master at work, marveling at each new installment, than it would ever be to steal such genius and watch as my mediocrity sits there awkwardly, begging to be put out of its misery. Incredible work, Alan. (And I was just being honest!)

You can see more of Alan Marcheselli’s wonderful creations on his website, as well as in his Instagram gallery.


“Deception” by Sarah Marie Eakins

The photo of the week this week was created by Sarah Marie Eakins on Polaroid Chocolate film. Featuring the lovely Natalia Selevanova, Sarah was aiming for the old Hollywood aesthetic, and I do believe she nailed it. The highly sought after Chocolate film is perfect for creating an atmosphere that brings the viewer back to a time period they most likely were not alive to experience. I can truly almost hear Tinsel Town’s gears starting up as the show begins, almost see the lights on the marquee. Wonderfully executed, Sarah! Thank you for sharing your art with The Polavoid, as well as the world!

See more of her work in Sarah Marie Eakins’ Instagram gallery as well as in her Flickr gallery


Photo of the week by Stefan Merz

The photo of the week is a negative scan created by Stefan Merz. I honestly don’t know where to begin with Mr. Merz… His work is astonishing, that much I know is true. I couldn’t decide on one photo, so I just went with the first photo he shared in the Polavoid group. Since he shared this photo, he has shared one after another that leaves my jaw wondering if it will ever make it up off the floor. Have a look for yourself…

You can see more of his work in his Instagram gallery here:


Photo of the week by Lionel Decourciere

Photo of the week was created by Lionel Decourciere with a Graflex Speed Graphic, a Kodak Aero Ektar 178mm 2,5 lens and Polaroid 59 film.
This breathtaking shot is one of many Lionel has produced of similar nature, as well as widely varied subjects, photo equipment and films. The common denominator in all of his work is that it is ALL masterfully executed.

You can see more of his work in his Instagram gallery here:

And in his Flickr gallery here:

Have a look at this talented photographers work a little further. I promise you will be very glad you did!

Photo of the WEEK by Dee Tolson

The photo of the WEEK was created by Dee Tolson. This photo means quite a bit to me for a few reasons. Mostly, I saw it very soon after I had first jumped into the very deep end of instant photography, head first, and it was the first photo I had seen manipulated by hand. The painted tear drops, the incredibly emotive expression… it compelled me to spend a great deal of time studying her whole gallery on Instagram, and I have rarely seen such intensity in a collection of photography. I can’t urge you strongly enough to check out more of her work. This photo may not be the best representation of her photography as a whole, but that would be a difficult task to pick just one, because her work has such masterfully executed variety. Maybe it is for personal reasons I chose this photo for a limited representation.  I love it so very, very much, and it is a very rare photo that I can say I happen to have the ORIGINAL framed and hanging on my wall.

You can see more of her work on her website here:

In her incredible Instagram gallery here:

And her Facebook photography page here:

Photo of the WEEK by Jon Anthony Syverson taken on expired Polaroid 669

Jon Anthony Syverson is the creator of this week’s golden child of a photo. He used expired Polaroid 669 film to make this magical photo, and I HIGHLY recommend you checking out more of his work in his Instagram account here…


The Polavoid’s first photo of the week goes to Josh Casserino with this gorgeous photo taken on expired Polaroid 669. Beautiful, Josh!


You can see more of Josh’s work on Instagram here…

Josh Casserino on Instagram

…and in his Flickr gallery here…

Josh Casserino on Flickr